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Coming Down The Pipeline...


:iconcrys-art: - Zerro and Suriyawong/ Fullbody, Colored
Commissioned: March 13th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconhaihovothan: - Valencia w/ BG
Commissioned: May 26th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconm-o-c-h-a: Suriyawong/ Pixel
Commissioned: May 25th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconoverlordjc: - Tactical Zerro and Suriyawong/ Full-body, Colored
Commissioned: August 29, 2013
Status: Paid, Waiting...

More to come and, hopefully, more to remove from this list. I've been waiting on several of these commissions for over 3 months now.

The Finish Line

A list of my latest completted commissions for future records.

Commissioned: June 3rd, 2013
Received: July 28th, 2913

Commissioned: June 3rd, 2013
Received: July 28th, 2013…

:iconmieuchan: - Suriyawong/ Fullbody Pixel
Commissioned: July 11th, 2013
Received: July 29th, 2013
Suriyawong by MieuChan

:iconsabviee: - Kaciana, Valencia, Haliwyn, Vitani/ Full-body, Colored
Commissioned: August 3rd, 2013
Recieved: 1. (09AUG13) 2. (11AUG13)
3. (22AUG13) 4. (25AUG13)

:iconmzzazn: Anime headshot of Umbra
Commissioned:September 2nd, 2013
Received: September 4th, 2013

:iconjanirotluvx: Umbra and Moana/ Fullbody, Colored, No BG
Commissioned: July 23rd, 2013
Recieved: September 10th, 2013

:iconorichie: - Haliwyn and Fali (seperate)/ Headshot, Colored
Commissioned: June 30th, 2013
Recieved: September 12th, 2013

:iconcookiehana: - Valencia
Won Raffle to Commission: May 18th, 2013
Recieved: September 12th, 2013
CM:: Zerro by CookieHana

If a tree falls down in the forest and there's not a single creature around, does it make a sound? 

40 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said No


May 29, 2015
2:10 am
May 28, 2015
8:12 pm
May 28, 2015
9:37 am
May 27, 2015
2:38 pm
May 27, 2015
12:02 am


Toji Temple 1 by Zerro
Toji Temple 1
the main tower of Toji Buddhist Temple in Kyoto. It had a twin at one point, at Soji Temple.

taken by me with my PowerShot SX710 HS
Tofukuji Temple by Zerro
Tofukuji Temple
A picture of the main shrine at Tofukuji Temple. I took this picture using my brand new Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, which I bought in Kyoto.
Zerro Dafterstory Application  By Waldo Xp-d8owd1k by Zerro
Zerro Dafterstory Application By Waldo Xp-d8owd1k




Gregory Greer - Callsigns: Zerro; Azure 5



[Date of Birth]

June 12, 1992




Human - Alter Genome / Caucasian



[Body Type]

Athletic, Muscular

[Hair Color]

Light Blue

[Eye Color]


[Visible Markings &/or Scars]


[Weaponry &/or Accessories]

Rifle    -    G36C w/ mounted 2x4 optical scope, suppressor and laser sight. Uses 5.56 NATO rounds.
Pistol   -    Modified M9. Uses 9mm hollow-point rounds
Dagger -   Enchanted to set blood ablaze. One of a pair gifted by a friend. Named "Vengence"

Versing Stone (Faradin Tech) - A strange gemstone of concealed orgins that grants its wearer the ability to conceive different manners of speech so long as the original speaker is of the same or higher intellectual capacity. Alignment operatives use these as "universal" translators when in the presence of species who's matter of vocalization would be impossible to duplicate by humans. Zerro wears this with his dog tags.

E.A.R.S (Alignment Tech) - Electronic Automated Audio Reduction System. Alignment personal that possess more sensitive hearing than an average human, utilize these specialized earplugs to dampen sounds that might deal permenant damage to their ears (ie explosions and firearms fire). They are self-activated at specified increments of decibels, allowing the user to focus on other tasks. They are waterproof and rugged but are suspectible to being shorted out by electricity.

Body - Martial Arts

[Familiars, pets or Related]

Kri - Fiance
Fear - Future Brother-In-Law


Uniform - lightweight cotton-blend fatigues, digital MARPAT camo pattern.
Armor   - kevlar vest with plate carrier.
Pads     - Elbow and knee

Militarized H.O.E - Originally meant for use in enviroments that barely harbour life, Zerro's personal Hazardous Operations Exosuit has been modified and altered so as to survive intense combat. Vacuum-sealed, air-conditioned and capable of supporting three times it's own weight, this extreme tech grants the wear an increase in strength, speed and defense while only marginally restricting manuverability.


  • The suit, while relatively easy to remove in a pinch, requires considerable time and depends on very specific machinery to dawn.
  • The communications system (long-range suit to suit communication, topograchical readings, GPS, SOS signalling, ect) is completely useless without at least an ariel relay (normally UAV) to connect with.
  • If too much damage is taken, the suit will cease to support the majority of it's weight in order to maintain life-support systems, leaving the wearer realitively stranded in place.
  • The suit weighs nearly 800lbs, negating all possibilities for stealthful movement.
  • It's not really a wise choice to jump around too often in it
  • Requires 5 hours of maintenance for every hour of use; 10 hours for every minute of combat action (so it takes nearly 2 days to have it back at peak performance after merely wearing it for 8 hours)
  • No toilet but comes with a cathether that Zerro hates to use, for obvious reasons.


    Zerro has two main personalities: "On Duty" and At Ease. "On Duty", he is authorative, calculating and precise. He requires swift compliance of all orders and immediate cooperation of any task or object that he is to achieve. In this state, it is easy to get on his bad side or even to be considered an enemy and he will not hestitate to act accordingly. He is harsh and unaccepting of failure and may even perform nearly suicidal actions to ensure the success of his mission
    "At Ease" Zerro is the human side of the man. He is enjoys hobbies and idle conversation; long hikes with his loved ones and romantic evenings with his fiance; and likes to explore and delve in the culture of his current world.


    Having served as a "security advisor" within the human-led, multi-dimensional organization, known as The Alignment, for nearly five years now, Zerro is now given tasks of higher importance. Travelling through countless worlds dissolving disputes, quelling conflicts and forming bonds and diplomatic relationships, he and his team currently act as ambassadors in the dimensions they visit. Like so many realities before, Azure Team has been dispatched to Bird Island in hopes of establishing positive communications between its leadership and that of The Alignment, with the long-term goal of establishing a base of operations and trade routes.

(The rest is WAY more than two paragraphs, so I'll leave these links for the more curious folks)…


None to speak of.


Martial Artistry - Gun-Kata, French Jujistsu and Japanese Judo; Special Warfare training; Immense combat experience


He can act without emotion instantaneously, if the situation calls or it.


Anything that might kill a normal human will also do so to Zerro. On top of that, his ears are extremely sensitive to sound and require that he wear his E.A.R.S unit at all times to avoid debilitating disorientation.

His relationship with Kri might compromise his resolve in a tense scenario.

[Other descriptions &/or icons?]

Df-zerro by Zerro Df-zerro3 by Zerro Df-zerro2 by Zerro 



Zerro's Profile Picture
Commission Connoisseur
United States
:star:Every piece of art you see in my galleries, aside from literary entries, has been commissioned and crafted by other, highly talented deviants. I don't have an artistic bone in my body.:star:

I only commission artists that fit my personal interests.

A Cornered Knife-Wielding Fox by Zerro

However, if you know of an amazing Deviant who you believe deserves one, please feel free to let me know~

Zerro = Zero + Rebirth. A long time ago, I felt like a nobody. A loser, a chump, a... zero. I was a sad, pitiful excuse for a man, a fact which I reveled in for the better part of the beginning of my life. I don't exactly remember how it happened but, I do remembr how it felt when I suddenly realized that my exsistence wasn't just that of a failure. I felt like I had been pardoned after commiting a murder. It was my rebirth.

From then on I decided that, in my personal life as well as that of the world wide web, I would have a name which reflected my past mistakes and deeds while, at the same time, conveying my newfound glory. Thus the moniker Zerro was born. Troubled past combined with unbridled future.

Later on, I joined the United States Navy and have served proudly ever since. I reemlisted July 24th.

I try to do things that I think wil make people happy. That doesn't make me a good person. Empathy is a nice quality for a person to have, but it isn't always a determining factor for someone intentions. Contrary to popular belief, you can't always judge a person purely on their actions.

Current Residence: USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium to Large
Print preference: Semi-gloss
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Smooth Jazz, J-pop
Favourite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Literature (Cause I can't really draw)
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 4S
Shell of choice: Triple-Plated Titanium
Skin of choice: Active Camo
Favourite cartoon character: Huey, Heathcliff the Cat
Personal Quote: "Stranger things have happened..."

Official PayPal Seal
Hey, it's me again.

For those who actually give half a rat's ass about my existence (all two of you), I'm not going to be readily available for a about a month, give or take. Yep, doing that Navy thing that I've managed to keep doing even though I'm a despicable human being.

So to all the people who I've commissioned I'll be sending my military email so that I can stay in touch.
if I'm on a waiting list, I would like it if my spot would still be held or that I be given immediate attention after I return.

If you're not someone I've dedicated my affection/attention or money to, then I guess whatever. Neither of us will suffer from my absence.

Okay, so I have an AMAZING chance to get a commission from :Ryuuka-Nagare:! Which of my OCs should I select for this prestigious honor? 

15 deviants said Umbra Umbra by Zerro
11 deviants said Princess Cosette Princess Cosette by Zerro
10 deviants said Adult Suriyawong Suriyawong (Adult) by Zerro
8 deviants said Adult Moana Moana (Debutant) by ZerroMoana (Adult) by Zerro
8 deviants said The Goddess The Chains of Virtue and Order by Zerro
4 deviants said Kaciana Kaciana (Adult) by Zerro
3 deviants said Zerro Amidst The Fire And The Fear... by Zerro
2 deviants said Sylvie Slammer COM - Sylvie by Wingsie
1 deviant said Valencia Valencia by Zerro
1 deviant said One of the many OCs that I didn't mention. (Leave a comment please)


#1 Watchers' Favorite
~:star:COMMISSION: Suriyawong by arekupacific:star:~

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