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Coming Down The Pipeline...


:iconcrys-art: - Zerro and Suriyawong/ Fullbody, Colored
Commissioned: March 13th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconhaihovothan: - Valencia w/ BG
Commissioned: May 26th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconm-o-c-h-a: Suriyawong/ Pixel
Commissioned: May 25th, 2013
Status: Paid; Waiting...

:iconoverlordjc: - Tactical Zerro and Suriyawong/ Full-body, Colored
Commissioned: August 29, 2013
Status: Paid, Waiting...

More to come and, hopefully, more to remove from this list. I've been waiting on several of these commissions for over 3 months now.

The Finish Line

A list of my latest completted commissions for future records.

Commissioned: June 3rd, 2013
Received: July 28th, 2913

Commissioned: June 3rd, 2013
Received: July 28th, 2013…

:iconmieuchan: - Suriyawong/ Fullbody Pixel
Commissioned: July 11th, 2013
Received: July 29th, 2013
Suriyawong by MieuChan

:iconsabviee: - Kaciana, Valencia, Haliwyn, Vitani/ Full-body, Colored
Commissioned: August 3rd, 2013
Recieved: 1. (09AUG13) 2. (11AUG13)
3. (22AUG13) 4. (25AUG13)

:iconmzzazn: Anime headshot of Umbra
Commissioned:September 2nd, 2013
Received: September 4th, 2013

:iconjanirotluvx: Umbra and Moana/ Fullbody, Colored, No BG
Commissioned: July 23rd, 2013
Recieved: September 10th, 2013

:iconorichie: - Haliwyn and Fali (seperate)/ Headshot, Colored
Commissioned: June 30th, 2013
Recieved: September 12th, 2013

:iconcookiehana: - Valencia
Won Raffle to Commission: May 18th, 2013
Recieved: September 12th, 2013
CM:: Zerro by CookieHana

If a tree falls down in the forest and there's not a single creature around, does it make a sound? 

42 deviants said Yes
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Sep 2, 2015
5:50 pm
Sep 2, 2015
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Sep 2, 2015
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Sep 1, 2015
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Sep 1, 2015
6:26 pm


    The night air blew in gusts over the off-shore platform that Jason was standing guard over. He looked up at the sky and took in the sight of a thousand stars as a large wave kicked up against the side of the column of steel, concrete and cito-plating, casting a spray of foamy saltwater that shimmered in the light of the half-moon. He signed wistfully as he lowered his head back down and silently wished his Debra were there with him. She'd love a sight like this. A true romantic, that girl was. If he played his cards right; said just the right things in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time, he might've even gotten lucky.
    Fat chance of that happening this night though. Deb had taken an extra shift down in the mining plant so there'd be no way she could sneak up to Jason's post again, like she had done almost week ago. Too bad too, he could've really use the company tonight. Not that he was alone, just that he might as well have been.
    Roger, his normal patrol partner, caught some new strain of flu that many of the humans from Reality Prime were susceptible to and was down and out for at least a week while Medical gathered information, ran tests, formed hypothesizes and drew conclusions before finally giving the poor man the miracle drug they had already developed a year ago that would cure him, almost instantly. After spending hundreds of hours on watch with the man, Jason couldn't help be feel bad for him. The guy was alright. Sure, he was a bit crude and had a less than moral point of view when it came to the subject of hiring prostitutes but, he still had plenty of redeeming qualities. It wasn't right how the folks of the Medical department were using him as a guinea pig. Of course, even Jason understood that this was a good chance to study a new, potentially lethal virus, but did they have to let Roger suffer for so long?
    With another sigh, he shook his head, freeing his mind of the conflicting thoughts he had on the matter. Then he started pacing around the perimeter of the platform again. A quick glance at the digital clock within his wrist-holo, a few minutes later, caused him to grimace. Still three more hours to go before he'd be relieved and could go catch up with Deb for breakfast. Flipping his palm upwards, he checked his vitals, just for the sake of it, then slipped his hand back under the hand guard of his carbine. Boredom, that old enemy of his, was at the gates of the castle of his mind yet again. And at this late hour, it was a formidable foe to have for it brought along it's long-time ally, Drowsiness. Any Garrison Force member could testify that, once the two forced their way into the palace, the war was already lost.
    Jason needed stimulus, a distraction, something to hold his attention and keep his mind alert. He wasn't allowed to bring his holo-flat or his handheld up with him, so he couldn't rely on video games, e-books or music for assistance. All that left him with was the ancient art of conversation. Looking over, toward the opposite side of the platform, past the two fifty-foot, industrial elevators which the engineers used to move supplies and food in and out of the complex below, he quickly spotted his current patrol partner standing alone, looking out at the tightly-packed groups of numerous, glinting lights that dotted the coast of Bird. The man's posture indicated that he still wanted to left alone but, seeing as how it had been over three hours since he had spoken a word, coupled with the fact that if he didn't do something diverting within the next five minutes, he'd pass out right on the concrete of the platform, Jason decided to take a chance.
    To err on the side of caution however, instead of making a b-line directly to his fellow watch-stander, Jason continued along the square-shaped exterior of the column, passing under the three large cargo cranes and around the dome which housed the complex's antenna array as he did. The whole detour took him about twenty minutes and, by the time he was within ten feet of his partner, his eyes were bleary and half-shut from the onset of sleep.
   The man, despite the howling of the wind masking the sound of his footfalls, was already well aware of Jason's approach, as one could tell from the way his triangular, blue-furred ears stood erect and tilted in his direction. Any other time, Jason would have taken the hint and moved on but, he was desperate now and so ignore the tensing of the man's shoulders and the bristling of his vulpine tail as he sauntered up.

    "Hey, so I got a question." Jason said nonchalantly as he stepped next to Zerro and looked out, at Bird Island.

    "What, now?" Zerro replied in a tone which told Jason that he had interrupted some silent, mental process within his patrol partner's mind.

    "Well, actually, it came to me a while ago. I just didn't know exactly how to ask." Jason explained.

    "Is it about my animal parts again?" The tone in Zerro's voice was easily discerned as one of annoyance.

    "No no, it's actually about your... fiance..." Jason replied timidly.

    "What about her?" Zerro said as he glanced over at Jason and raised an eyebrow.

    "Well, uh-"

    "Is this about sex?"

    "Would you be pissed if I said yes?"

    "I'd be insulted, yeah."

    "Well, then, let's just say, it's about the more 'intimate' details of your relationship." Jason smiled innocently.

    "I'm not saying another word about the subject." Zerro said flatly and immediately averted his gaze back towards the coast.

    "Aw, c'mon! I just wanna know how... well, how it feels."

    "The hell do you mean by that?"

    "Well, I assume you two have done the dirty deed before, right?" Jason said wryly as he stepped close and nudged Zerro with his elbow.

    "That's really non of your business."Zerro replied and side-stepped away.

    "Well, yeah, but I'm just curious. I've only ever done it with other humans but, ya know, things have been getting kinda serious between me and my Fiderian friend. So, I was wondering if I should, you know, go all the way with her or not."

    "Firstly, my fiance isn't Fiderian, so I wouldn't know what to tell you; secondly; regardless, this is still a very inappropriate question to ask another man."

    "Oh, come on, like you don't talk about this kinda stuff with your usual team."

    "That's different. I trust them. Each one of them have saved my life and I've saved theirs. We're friends on-duty and off and   we've met each others families too."

    "Well, I mean, what's to say that I won't save your life and meet your family one day?"

    "I can't say for sure about you saving my life but, there's no way I'd let you meet my family."

    "What? Why the hell not?" Jason asked indignantly.

    "Because you're the type of person who'd ask someone you barely know about their sex life."

    "Geez, it was just a question. It's not like I can't tell the different between rude and appropriate."

    "Apparently." Zerro replied, his facial expression accentuating his sarcasm.

    "Geez, just forget it then!"

    "Already done." After a moment, Zerro signed, "However, I do have some advice for you."

    "Psh! Yeah, what is it?"

    "When in any relationship, especially when it's interspecies, remember to have an open mind. Even when both people are human, things will almost never turn out the way you expect them to. There's no movie-esque happy ending and, if there is, it's because someone is probably doing something wrong. Cherish the good moments you share and be thankful for the rough times too, because they're what helps build the strength of your partnership with that other person. Also, be faithful. No cheating."

    "Well, that's pretty obvious!"

    "Yes, it is but you'd be surprised just how many people 'forget' that important, little rule."

    "Geez, thanks Dad."

    "Heh," "Well, I had to teach you about manners and I just gave you some rather fatherly advice so, you're welcome son."

    "Psh! Didn't think you Expeditionary guys were so..." Jason paused for a moment, searching for the right words.

    "Wise and in tune with matters of the heart?" Zerro offered.

    "I was gonna say something different but, screw it, yeah. That'll do."

    "Well, you pick up things in the field that you can't when you're part of the Garrision Force."

    "If it's so great, why'd you sign up for Temp Duty with us for this week?"

    "I, uh, I needed a little time to think. Life's been... shitty lately."

    "Oh yeah? Trouble at home?"

    "Yeah, actually. My fiance... She, uh... Well, about four months ago, she learned that she was pregnant."

    "What?? But I thought your fiance was a Class Delta sentient."

    "I hate that classification system..." Zerro grunted, as a sour expression covered his face. Jason could plainly see how much distaste he had for The Alignment's Biological Organism Classification Index, or B.O.C.I.

    "Sorry. I just meant, her species isn't humaniod and can't reproduce with humans."

    "Normally, she can't but, we just so happen to know a certain 'Candy Witch' who sells us a special product. Long story, short, she can become and stay human so long as she takes a regular 'dosage'."

    "Geez, your reputation doesn't do you justice. But, hey, why don't you sound happy about this?"

    "Because, you see, last week something... went wrong. She... had a miscarriage."

    "...Jesus.." Jason gasped, comprehending the seriousness of the situation.

    "Yeah..." Zerro replied as his eyes scanned the dark horizon for anything out of the ordinary.

    "I... I'm sorry man. That... That-"

    "If you think I'm devastated, you should see my fiance. She hasn't spoken to me in nearly a month and neither has my stepdaughter, Kaciana."

    "What, why not?"

    "Well, I can't tell you why Kri's shut me out but, Kaci told me flat out. I was away, on duty, when this all happened so when I got home, I shattered the small bit of peace the two had managed to forge out of all the bad news. Kri immediately ran away from me and Kaci started yelling at me. 'You should have been here!' "You love war more than you love your own family'. I wasn't prepared and didn't have a good argument. She ended up storming out of the house too."


    "Yeah, fuck."

    "I'm sorry that happened, man."

    "I am too. After spending some time thinking about it, I think Kaci was right, maybe I have been loving this job more than I have the two most important women in my universe."

    "Well, aren't you doing this for them?"

    "I'd like to tell myself that I am but, really, I'm not too sure anymore. Maybe I'm doing this moreso for me. The constant adventures and excitement; seeing now, amazing places and phenomenons; meeting new creatures and experiences completely different cultures... It's easy to get caught up in it all."

    "Yeah, I bet. Well, you could always join the Garrison Forces."

    "Heh! With my track record, do you really think They'd just let me leave S.O.R.-S?"

    "Well, when ya put it that way, no, I guess They wouldn't. Seems kinda like a stupid idea."

    "It was hard enough just getting this little, week-long break approved," Zerro sighed, "Besides, I'm not sure I'm cutout for Garrison life."

    "What, you like sleepin' in holes in the ground and eating MREs too much?"

    "This is going to sounds strange but, yeah, I actually do. I feel more alive when I'm out there, with my boys, roughing it. Like the years me and Suri spent serving in Queen Amelia's royal army, fighting against the White Queen."

    "What?? You actually enjoyed that??"

    "What?? Hell no! I never said I liked it, I just meant that every day the two of us survived brought a certain amount of appreciation for life. You don't truly know what it means to live until you've feared that someone is going to kill you while you shiver yourself to sleep in the mud and icy rain and then wake up to find that your throat hasn't been slit by the enemy and that your head hasn't been bashed in by one of your own people so that they could take your measly, water-logged blanket for themselves."

    "Well, I mean, I think I appreciate life just fine and I haven't really had to worry about stuff like that."

    "I'm not trying to undermine your outlook, all I meant was that life is... nicer to me because of experiences like that; experiences I have while serving in the Expeditionary Force."

    "You know, Garrison life ain't so bad either," Jason retorted. "Sure, there's not much excitement to be had but, you're still doing an important job. Sure, you've ended wars and had afternoon tea with dragons but, I've protected people. You S.O.R-S guys may take the land and shake the hands, but us Garrison guys are the people who keep it all safe and comfy. Our people go to sleep at night knowing that we're out here, rain or shine; summer or winter, manning the turrents and operatin' the search lights."

    "Look," Zerro said, "I wasn't trying to insult the Garrison. I know you guys are important."

    "I know man, I know. I'm just saying, maybe it's worth fighting for you to transfer out of the Ex Force. Think about it? Sleeping in a nice, warm bed; no more life-threatening assignments; hot meals and regular showers and, to top it all off, more time with your family. You'd still be doing something worthwhile, just less... cool?"

    "It sounds nice but, like I said before, the powers that be-"

    Jason scoffed, "Oh come on, like you don't have strings you can pull and favors you can call in. You're Zerro; the first man to achieve interdimensional travel, the champion of Queen Amelia and Ender of the Great War; He Whom Speaks With Dragons-"

    "You keep bringing that one up, like it's a big deal."

    "Well, I mean, I've never talked to a dragon before. They'd probably eat me before I could."

    "And that's why not many people get the chance: stereotyping. Just cause he's a fifty-foot lizard with wings and can breathe fire doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate good company every now and then."

    "I'll take your word on that. Haven't really had many chances to test that out, ya know," Jason reasoned, "Anyway, all I'm saying is, maybe it's time you started taking things slow. You're about to hit forty, right?"

    Zerro groaned, "By Prime standards, yeah but, actually, I'm still closer to thirty. To be honest, I kind of forget to keep track anymore. With all the differences and levels of time dilation between dimensions, age is pretty much a moot point."

    Jason chuckled, "Yeah, I hear that! One month, I'm aging years per minute, the next, I'm still twenty-two even after a decade."

    "Nonsense," Zerro replied with a smirk, "you don't look a day over fifty!"

    Jason caught the joke and laughed loudly. From that point on, the rest of the night was filled with a much more relaxed atmosphere as both Jason and Zerro exchanged stories, explored ideas and shared painful memories between one another. When their reliefs rode the elevator up to the surface, Zerro was surprised to find himself wishing that the watch would continue for another hour or two.
    The next night Zerro was disappointed to learn that Jason had come down with the same flu-like bug as Roger, the man that he was temporarily replacing, and that he wouldn't be fit for duty for the rest of the week. In his stead, the Garrison captain in charge of security the off-shore mining facility, assigned a gruff, old man named Tager to the watch. From then on until his night night, Zerro stood alone on his side of the platform, looking out at the sea and trying to make sense of his life.

    "Maybe... I will put in that transfer...," He said to himself one night as a large wave kicked up against the side of the column, casting a foamy spray of saltwater that shimmered in the light of the new moon.
Friends For A Night - A Zerro Short
A little story about Zerro for :icondafter-story:. Not canon, since I added details about someone else's OC without their permission. I just wanted to write a something about my main man, since I've been focusing so much on Suri lately.

Also, I wanted to introduce the idea of The Alignment creating a mining facility just off the coast of Bird Island. Unlike "The Hypothetical War" this is the direction I believe they would go, when seeking to establish a settlement/base of operations in/around Bird Island.
Just a little update,

I'm in Korea again... for like the millionth time since I've been stationed on this ship. Busan, to be more precise. So, all my Korean watchers, if you guys wanna meet up sometime on the weekend, in Seoul or some place, I'm down with that. If not, that's too bad as this will be my last time in ROK for a long while.

Man, the girls here are all just... :iconbloodynoseplz:. Those shorts! Any shorter and they'd be jean panties!

P.S. I sorta hate Korea a little because it reminds me of my half-Korean Ex. But, with all this ass walkin' around, I've grown to appreciate the finer aspects of the South~ Seriously, Korea's dress code is more liberal than a left-wing democrat (that joke took me hours to write~).

Anyways, yeah, tell me if you guys want some souvenirs! I'll totally ship em' to ya'll. Well, of course, there's ONE person who'd better not ask me for ANYTHING ever again... But you guys aren't her, so feel free to send me a request~!

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The Hypothetical War: Part 3 - B

Fun Times With Team Eagle

    "So guys," Lieutenant Jensen broke the pre-drop silence with a toothy grin and a peculiar tone as his team waited for the other capsules to be filled with impact gel, "hit it or quit it: Rioshi Lustmorde?"

    "Oh, most definitely hit it," proclaimed Rodriguez with much enthusiasm.
    "Eh, I dunno," countered Gerald, "she's had two kids. Gotta be pretty wide down there, by now."

    "Screw that! I'd give her a good lick any day~!" Lolandry smirked and flicked her long, serpentine tongue at her camera vigorously.

    "Seriously Freddy? You wouldn't smash," Mugosa questioned skeptically.

    "Nah," Gerald replied, "she seems like the 'relationship' type. I'm not into the whole idea of talking, then dating and then finally sex."

    "That's a shame," Captain Rumsfeld interjected, "she seems like the kind of woman who'd be worth the effort."

    "Yeah, if you're looking for marriage, sir," Gerald replied.

    "Well then, who would you pick, Gerald?" Jensen queried.

    "All depends; are we talking one-night stands or occasional bed buddies?" Gerald's face was one of intense calculation.

    "Aw, just answer the frickin' question, Fred. Always making shit complicated!" Lolandry hissed.

    "Well now, hold on, cause level of commitment is important," Rodriguez added, siding somewhat with Gerald.

    "See? Ramon understands my point," Gerald nodded, "You have to choose your bed buddies carefully, or else you might end up with a Clinger."

    "Fred is right, mon," Mugosa agreed, "quality is everything. Which is why I say you would do much better with either Symone from Hebi or Zarra, in Starbled."

    "Mm~ Well I do like the Sista's," Archinfeld said and winked two of his eyes, the left pair, as he chuckled.

    "Woah now Archy, we're talkin' about sex, not fine dining!" Rodriguez cackled.

    "What? Can't I also enjoy the other aspects of you humans?" Archinfeld feinted hurt before smiling widely, his four rows of sharp teeth glimmering within the light of his HUD.

    Rodriguez scoffed, "'Enjoy'? More like toying. Didn't su madre teach you better than to play with your food?"

    "Yes, of course she did-" Archinfeld began.

    "But she never said anything about screwing it!," Lolandry interjected.

    They all laughed, in appreciation of the timing if not the punchline itself. Then Gerald and Lolandry began to snicker again as they imagined the idea, which caused a chain reaction which led to another, longer bout of glee.
    When the rabble had died down, Lieutenant Jensen's eyes fell upon the camera feeds of the two other Alignment personnel whom had remained silent this entire time. With a smile, he engaged their comms circuits and connected them with the rest of the squad's.
    "Hey Spots, Olly, everybody's talking about who they'd wanna screw on the island. Care to share~?"

    Suriyawong's eyes opened slowly and he looked to his helmet's internal camera with an expression of indifference, "No, thank you, sir."

    Sergeant Olorca, on the other hand, was not responsive in the least. It took Jensen a moment to remember that her Variable, the powers granted to her by the long, linear body tattoos that she received for her efforts in the Ydiolian Conflict, required that she concentrate their energy several minutes prior to use. The more time she allotted to her coma-like meditation, the greater amount of energy she was able to wield.
Though he understood all of this very well, being the Sergeant's regular Commanding Officer, it was almost creepy for Lieutenant Jensen to she her emotionless visage; her eyes rolled back and her mouth slightly ajar.

    "Eesh!" Jensen, normally hard to unsettle, shivered before quickly closing his view of Olorca and enlarging that of Suriyawong.
    "Oh, c'mon kid. You're 'big brother' ain't here, so you don't have to be so uptight,"

    "Yeah," Lolandry jeered in a hinting manner, "spill it Suri, we know there's someone out here you wanna pork!"

    Suriyawong just stared blankly at their faces, "There is no o-"

    Gerald scoffed, "Yeah right buddy! Don't let him fool you, guys. Suriyawong here's an animal, just like me. I heard that you even bumped uglies with a Tengu girl during your little three-day vacation~"

    Suriyawong's eyes widened for a moment and a tinge of red arose in his cheeks as he quickly glanced away from his camera.

    "Well now," Captain Rumsfeld chuckled, "looks like our little man's grown up abit. Does Lieutenant Greer know about this?"

    Suri's mouth hesitantly opened to reply but Lolandry cut in before he could get a word out, "Psh! Of course Zerro knows! The furry bastard probably set him up! Geez Suri, I've been trying to tap that for months and you just GIVE it away to some crow girl?"

    "I...," Suriyawong stammered, "I did not mean to have do that with her."

    "'Didn't mean to'? Heh, yeah right cabrone, like that'll hold up it court!" Rodriguez replied.

    "See, what'd I tell ya? The man's as savage as they come!" Gerald laughed, "I bet he doesn't even remember her name!"

    "Well?" Archinfeld questioned, the inflection in his tone oozing with intrigue.

    Suriyawong was grief stricken as he glanced up at each one of his squadmate's faces within his HUD. "I... I do remember her name," he stated quietly.

    "Out with it, mon," Mugosa demanded eagerly, "Ya can't be keepin' us in suspense, now!"

    "Easy everyone," Rumsfeld said, "if he doesn't want to tell us, that's his business. However, I have to admit, I'm a little curious as to whom this lucky young lady is, as well."

    "Spots'll tell us though," Jensen retorted with a grin, "won't ya dude?"

    "Of course he will," Archinfeld reassured, "we're practically packmates. After all, we've hunted so much prey together, haven't we Suriyawong?"

    "I don't know about 'packmates' amigo, but we're definetly familia. Hey, I took a bullet for you once, hombre!" Rodriguez hadn't, but there wasn't much evidence to support a counter argument.

    Lolandry huffed, "He'd better damn well tell who he picked over me!"

    Suriyawong wanted to shrink and hide away inside the deepest part of his immobilized armor. If was apparent that his teammates weren't going to leave him alone until they got what they wanted out of him.

    "...A-Aiko..," He mumbled begrudgingly as his eyes filled with the sorrow of defeat, "Kanasachi Aiko..."

    For a moment everyone stared at him in disbelief then Captain Rumsfeld, who noticed Suriyawong's embarrassment, spoke.
"That's a very beautiful name. She must be quite the woman to have won your heart, Suriyawong." The Captain nodded approvingly before smiling.

    "Hell yeah," Rodriguez, who caught the gist of the Captain's sentiment, added, "She must be some lady! Bet she's good-looking too!"

    "Must'a been gorgeous," Mugosa inserted, "Like ten out'a ten, mon!"

    "Sheesh, she has to be more than just a pretty face if you remember her name, ey Suri?" Gerald asked as he grinned and raised an eyebrow.

    The sudden supportive attitude the team has developed took Suriyawong by surprise. For a moment he didn't know how to respond.
    "...She is," he said cautiously.

    "Oh yeah," Lolandry pestered, "what's so good about one of those bird gals?"

    "Aw shut up Deb, you're just jealous that you weren't the first to get some leopard coc-"

    "Oh how delightful," Olorca groaned groggily as she emerged from her arrested state of mind, "I have the privilege of waking up once again to the lovely sound of my esteemed colleagues discussing their latest sexual escapades."

    "Olie!!" both Jensen and Rodriguez exclaimed.

    "Top of the morning, govn'a," Gerald greeted, doing his best to mimic Olorca's accent.

    "Never gets old Fredrick, truly it doesn't," Olorca replied with a palpable amount of sarcasm.

    "Ah, Rebecca, so glad to have with us once again~," slithered Archinfeld's sultry voice.

    "Glad to be back Archy; and its ’Sergeant’, thank you."

    "'Ello Olo'," Lolandry said with a smirked to which the Sergeant rolled her eyes.

    "Welcome back to the land of the living, Sergeant." Captain Rumsfeld said with marked respect.

    "Thank you, sir," Olorca replied with a warm smile.

    "Olie, mon, ya almost missed it. We were talkin' about-" Mugosa began.

    "Yes yes, James, you were discussing yet another one of this lot's deviant actions with the opposite sex," Olorca interrupted with a sigh.

    "Actually, Your Highness, we were talking about Spots'!" Lolandry's reply was laced with indignation.

    "What? Really?" Olorca's eyes slowly slid over to Suriyawong's visage, "When did this happen?"

    Suriyawong was quiet so Jensen answered in his stead "During his earlier trip to Tengu, with Zerro."

    "Well now, that doesn't sound like Lieutenant Greer to allow something like that to happen," Olorca replied.

    "...He wanted to separate so that we would cover more ground during our time there," Suriyawong explained, feeling even more ashamed now that the Sergeant had found out about his incident.

    "Ah, yes, I see. And does the Lieutenant actually know about this?"

    "...No ma'am.."

    "What?!" Lieutenant Jensen, Mugosa, Lolandry, Archinfeld and Rodriguez all gasped in utter surprise.

    Captain Rumsfeld grunted in a thought-filled manner while Olorca groaned in comprehension.

    "Well now, that is a bit surprising. Don't you and Lieutenant Greer normally share everything between one another?" Olorca asked gently in reply.

    "I... I do not want him to know.... It is... embarrassing," Suriyawong said, almost whispering the last bit.

    "Suriyawong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in sexual activities."

    "Hey," Lolandry quickly interrupted, "that's not what you said about m-"

    "So long as you do so in moderation and primarily with someone whom you truly care about," Sergeant Olorca immediately added.

    Gerald snickered, "You hear that guys? Mama Olie called Deb a slut."

    "Hey screw you!" Lolandry hissed.

    "Wouldn't that only make the problem worse?" Rodriguez countered with a wry smile.

    "Hey guys," Jensen stepped in with a grin, "no name calling. Remember, we're family, don't rock the boat too hard."

    "Well put," complimented Rumsfeld.

    "Back to the matter at hand," Olorca resumed, "there is no need to be ashamed Suriyawong. This woman obviously means a great deal to you if you were willing to lay down with her. I'm sure Lieutenant Greer will understand completely."

    "I-" Suriyawong began before he was suddenly interrupted by the first of two alarms which instantly appeared, large and imposing, within the HUDs of he and his teammates.

    With a twitch of his nose, Captain Rumsfeld silenced everyone's alert before clearing his throat to speak.
"Ladies and gentlemen, as you're all aware, we are about to intrude upon the borders of a society who has been a part of this island for centuries. Though we have very little useful information, you can rest assured that we will be facing some very determined opposition, who will not hesitate to take your life in response to our attempt at invading their homeland.
That being said, do not give them the opportunity to do so. Remember, your first obligation is to your teammates, then The Alignment, and finally yourself. You have all been trained and tested, drilled and experienced. You are warriors. Never surrender and never give up the fight. Press the enemy until they break."

    The second alarm sounded and a ten-second scroll appeared inside everyone's helmets. Rumsfeld yelled over it.

    "Team Eagle: Do not fear pain or death! Fight until your dying breath!"

    "Yes sir!" Everyone shouted in response.

    Three... Two... One...

    "Here-we-goo!" Jensen bellowed excitedly as the capsule's lock was disengaged and it entered freefall.
The Hypothetical War: Part 3 - Side B
The other part of T.H.W Chapter 3, this time from Suriyawong's point of view. Of course, this is :icondafter-story: property, since its all based on the settings of the RP Chat.

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The Hypothetical War: Part 3 - A

Silent Stars Above The Mountain

    "Hey Lt, the kid wants to ask you a question." Rhinehardt's deep, tenor was impossible to mistake.

    Zerro's eyes shot open inside his helmet and he moved them to where he remembered the internal camera was situated; to the left, just above the his edge of his visor.
    "Why doesn't he ask me himself?" He replied groggily, blinking his bloodshot eyes.

    "Guess he's nervous. You've got a pretty big rep, you know."

    "Don't we all?" Zerro groaned and moved to stretch out his stiff legs but was met with immediate and overbearing resistance.
Oh yeah, he thought to himself as his mind caught up to pace and he remembered that his entire body; head, arms, legs and all; was securely pinned between two large, metal harnesses within a tightly packed capsule not more than eight feet in height and fifteen feet in circumference. Alongside him, in a circular arrangement, were nine other souls, some of whom were also adorned in heavily-armored, powered exosuits and equally immobilized by identical heavy braces.

    "What's your question, McNeil?" Zerro said as he stole a glance at the digital time readout in the upper right section of his visor's Heads-Up Display. 00:47; thirteen minutes til the drop. He mentally sighed in agitation. They'd be flooding the compartment soon with impact gel; a process he didn't normally enjoy witnessing first hand. He'd set his exosuit's alarm function for 00:55 but now he disabled it with facial gestures, which his suit's user interface recognized as commands.

    "Um... Sorry that I woke you up, sir..." McNeil said, sheepishly.

    "It's fine, what's on your mind?"

    "Well sir, I don't mean to be rude but, I was wondering, you said you're human, right?"

    Zerro saw where this was going in an instant, "You want to know about my ears and tail, right?"

    "Yes sir."

    "Well, it's pretty simple but, firstly, I should tell you: I'm not human. Not in the genetic sense, anyway."

    "What do you mean, sir?" McNeil asked.

    "Lieutenant Greer was altered as an embryo, kid," interjected Sergeant Rhinehardt, "He was part of The Alignment's Genome Splicing Initiative, back in the 80s,"

    "But, that doesn't make any sense. The Alignment hadn't been traveling between dimensions back then, had they?"

    "No," Zerro replied, "They only started about ten years ago, by the Prime calendar."

    "So then, sir, you arehuman?"

    "Oh, sorry. Confused you, didn't I? I was originally human but, the way I see it, once they toyed around with my genes, I became something other than Homo-Sapien."

    "Ah, I get it now sir. So, you had your tail and ears from birth?"

    "No, those grew as a result of me being exposed to Flux radiation."

    "Flux radiation, sir?"

    "Rhine', care to explain?" Zerro offered.

    "Sure, Boss." The Sergeant cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "Alright kid, seeing as how you're here, right now, I'm going to assume you've traveled through a Rift."

    "You mean a Gate, Sarge," McNeil countered.

    "Gate, Rift, Portal, Doorway, whatever. You've traveled between worlds right?"


    "Remember that thirty-minute wait you had before actually crossing through?"

    "Oh yeah, it was kinda annoying because it was my first trip and I was really excited," McNeil explained.

    "Well, that wait time was there to keep you from being exposed to, what we SF guys call, Flux Radiation."

    "Oh, well I guess I'm glad they made us wait then. What IS Flux radiation anyway?"

    "Well, how it was explained to me was: When you open a 'gate' between two dimensions, you're actually tearing a hole in reality. Time, Space, Energy; all get trapped and tangled together along the edges of this tear and from that unnatural concentration comes the phenomenon, Flux." Rhinehardt's rich voice and confidence made the explanation much easier to comprehend.

    "Doctor Mohini and her colleagues have a much longer, more scientific name for it, but it's about thirty syllables, so we decided to shorten it out of common decency." Zerro interjected.

    "Ah, okay." McNeil said and nodded.

    "The Flux is a very weird and almost unpredictable occurrence," continued Rhinehardt, "Organic matter and even some non-organic equipment is susceptible to it."

    "It's not your 'normal' type of radiation though," added Zerro. "Cancer might he one of the least of your worries if you get Flux'd."

    "But it is radiation, right? So it affects your body like Gamma rays would, right?"

    "Not really kid, we only call it radiation for lack of a better word," Rhinehardt reasoned.

    "In truth, the Flux is actually semi-sentient. In other words, it chooses what it wishes to alter and deviate, in a sense," Zerro jumped in.

    "...I'm lost, sir," McNeil admitted gingerly.

    "Okay, here's a perfect example: Because of my altered DNA, the Flux 'sensed' the canine stock The Alignment added and 'decided' to replace even more of my human genes with it. Hence why I now have the ears and tail of a fox. For a regular human, you might have a different outcome.
    Maybe you have more pigmentation markers in your genes, so you might develop green skin as a result of being exposed to the Flux. Or you might lose your skin all together. Even worse outcomes have happened to people with Variables. There isn't always a 'happy' ending when dealing with it." Zerro explained. "When I was pushed through Padlove's Gate, not only did I grow animal appendages, I also completely lost my identity for nearly two months."

    "Lost our identity," McNeil asked, his face contorting with confusion.

    ”The Flux made me believe that I was born in the world that I had traveled to. It was like I became a different person all together. I had memories and could recall names and faces of relatives and loved ones that I never met and knew intricate details of places I had never even heard of."

    "That's sounds... scary, sir."

    "Shit if it wasn't. For a long time afterwards, even when I finally managed to return to Reality Prime, I still had trouble distinguishing my past. I mean, I had some really intimate memories of a childhood I couldn't possibly have had. Being the second of seven brothers, living on a farm and being drafted into a military academy, staying up late, talking with my fox-eared mother... The Flux is dangerous."

    "Well, at least you came back with something cool to show for it, sir."

    "'Something cool'?," Zerro replied and raised an eyebrow, "Try, 'Something annoying and more of a hassle than a help.' Let me tell you something: Man was not meant to have super hearing. It is one of the worst curses to ever have. If I don't have my E.A.R.S in, I can literally hear everything. Heartbeats, breathing, muscles stretching, blood flowing through veins. Kinda ironic actually.

    "That sounds cool to me, sir," rebuttled McNeil.

    "Oh, but you're so very wrong, McNeil. Try living with other people who don't have ultra-sensitive hearing and don't understand the concept. Hell, try living with people who do. When I'm on leave, I go home to my loving fiance and beautiful step-daughter and, though I love them with my every breath, they drive me up the wall sometimes. And the worst part? It's not even their fault. If they're whispering, I can hear them even from the backyard. If they're sleeping, I can hear them snoring from the basement; which isn't actually snoring but might as well be to me; oh, and when they go to the restroom... Ugh! Have you ever heard someone taking a shit, in high-definition, surround sound, McNeil?"

    "Uh.... No... No sir, I haven't."

    "I would not recommend it."

    There were snickers on the comms line, indicating that the other members of Zerro's squad had awoken. As if waiting for that particular que, the interior vents of the capsule slammed shut and clicked into their air-tight, locked positions before the viscous impact gel began to flood in from ducts situated within the overhead.
    Zerro didn't mind it when the gel was still liquid in nature, it was only when it had filled the small capsule completely and became a transparent solid mass that the anxiety began to build. Already immobile in his harnessed exosuit, if he gave the command to depolarize his heavily tinted visor, he would be met with a grey, gritty and unmoving wall of slime pressing firmly against the outside of his helmet. As a former Navy SEAL, this didn't bother him either. Only, the technicians in charge of filling the capsules didn't stop pumping until every last square inch of unoccupied space within was taken up by gel. As they continued to force the goo in, the pressure inside the cramped compartment skyrocketed.
For someone wearing one of the newer models of The Alignment's Hazardous Operations Exosuit, this fact might mean very little but, to Zerro; whom still wear the MK I variant; this might be a time of great psychological stress. Because of it's large, multi-layered plastic face-covering; which was, hands down, the weakest part of the unit; a certain amount of doubt tended to arise.
    Would the visor stand up to the ever-increasing pressure? Of course there had been plenty of tests and maintenance done to assure that it would indeed do so, but Zerro knew that, every so often, things don't follow the test results. He, himself, was an example of such circumstance.
What IF the face piece didn't hold this time? There'd be absolutely nothing he could do about it, trapped as he was in his anchored H.O.E. If even a minute fracture occurred, his armored suit would suddenly become his inescapable tomb as the impact gel flooded in and the pressure persisted until it squeezed the air out of his lungs and crushed his body under its weight. Quite the ironic way to die and not the most peaceful by any stretch of the imagination.
    He once toyed with the idea of secretly loosening one of the harness struts before a drop but immediately threw it aside. For one, the anchoring device was completely automated which meant he'd have to tamper with mechanisms that were put in place to save his life, something he wasn't about to do. Secondly, if he HAD managed to loosen a part of the harness, even one of the clamps around his wrists, he most assuredly would be at fault when the force of the capsule's eventual impact with the ground, after falling a few thousand feet, turned every bone in his hand to a fine powder.
As unnerving as the process was, he'd rather be stuck in place, in a flooding compartment, than reduced to paste. But did it have to take so long?
Glancing at his clock again, he noted the time and sighed as he closed his eyes. 00:50.

    "Hey Lt," Rhinehardt called out, "While we're in the middle of it, I have question too."

    "Wha'cha got, Rhine'?"

    "Well, I'd heard that it was because of your arguments that the Commander decided to attack Tengu this time. Is that true?"

    "Yeah," Zerro sighed forlornly, "it's true."

    "Judging by that sigh, Boss, I can tell that the rumors are were right: you didn't want to wage war against Tengu at all."

    Zerro considered his squad of nine for a moment then nodded what little he could, "That's true too. To be completely honest, I didn't want to go to war with any of Bird Island. I have friends all over this place. Or, rather, had friends. Especially in Tengu."

    "Then why were you so adamant about targeting Tengu after we took Inu Village?"

    "You sure you want to know the truth? Not just Rhinehardt, that question goes for the rest of you guys too."

    "Shit, I know I was curious," replied Sergeant Brunson, the squad's medic.

    "Doubt it'll change anything, so go ahead sir," Private Fitzgerald, heavy support.

    "I love hearing someone else's philosophy on war," said Private Davidson, demolitions technician.

    "I'm all ears, sir," replied McNeil.

    Zerro waited a moment for any of the four Zibnobi soldiers to respond but, as he had assumed, they had their comms circuits segregated from those of the rest of the squad, most likely preforming pre-battle prayers or reciting some symbolic poetry to build up their collective nerve, as was their custom. He didn't mind their absence in this conversation. In fact, it allowed him to be completely honest with his fellow human squadmates.

    "The reasons we need to secure Tengu now are; One: we, The Alignment, need to control the territory. As we all know, our partnership with the Zibnobi during this conflict comes at a huge price: Every battle won, when the Zibs outnumber our people, they get the land. It's not a secret and they know we don't particularly like that idea. However, the Commander agreed to the terms so we have to honor them.
    Since the majority of the Zibs are still crossing over in Inu, OUR people are still doing the bulk of the fighting. That means any victories we achieve go down in the books as Alignment and, thus, we get the spoils.
    If you look on the map of Bird Island, there are really only two highly-defended areas: Tengu and Hebi. Now, sure, Hebi's a big city and it got its amazing walls, but it doesn't hold a candle to the defensive positioning of Tengu.
    With our tech and experience, even if the whole island revolts against us at some point; which is a huge possibility, teetering on an inevitability; we could hold the mountain for a good, long time. Also, taking it's elevation into consideration, Tengu is the best option in terms of launching air-based offensives; which we WILL need to take down Hebi.
    All in all, out of the two strongholds of this island, Tengu would be best to hold earlier on in the game."

    "Tengu's a prize, we get it Boss. What's the second reason why we had to attack Tengu second?" Rhinehardt tried to hurry the conversation along.

    "The other reason is more morbid but, honestly, it makes obvious sense: We'd want to attack Tengu now; while the majority of are forces are still... alive."

    There was a moment of silence.

    "Hell, yeah, that does make sense," Sergeant Brunson spoke up, "I mean, this is war after all."

    Zerro grunted in affirmation, "People are going to get hurt and some are going to die. That's the way it goes. Might as well try for the biggest prize earlier on, while you still have the element of surprise and the most power to your punches."

    "Interesting perspective, sir," commented Davidson, "but, now I have a question too: Why are we hard-dropping into Tengu instead of regular air insert or, my personal favorite, blowing a hole through their huge, overcompensating-for-something walls?"

    "Somebody wasn't paying attention during my brief earlier. McNeil, can you explain to Private Davidson why I suggested this method of approach?"

    "Yes sir! While Lieutenant Greer was in Tengu earlier, on a diplomatic mission, the village leader, Stephan Lustmorde, displayed the ability to create a  defensive barrier over the entire village."

    "He did so in under twenty seconds," Zerro added, "In fact, it was almost instantaneous. Now, our Reflex Craft are some of the fastest flying objects in any existence, but even with their speed, Stephan's spy network of birds would spot them a mile away. What we need to attack Tengu is an ultra-fast delivery system that is also hard to spot until it's too late. With the addition of the liquid nitrogen reservoirs along the exterior, our drop capsules won't give off a flaming tail, making us invisible against the night sky. So now we insert with Shock and Awe.
    Most of Tengu are in their beds right now, sleeping the night away. When we make landfall, the quakes and sound should disorient them long enough for us to get, at the very least, five capsules in before Stephan decides to raise his barrier. That's five teams of ten; thirty highly-trained operatives and twenty battle-hardened Zibnobic veterans. From there, we only have one objective-"

    "Neutralize Stephan Lustmorde, his family and any other opposition," Rhinehardt finished.

    "I want to remind you all that 'neutralize' does not mean kill. I want them alive and, if at all feasible, unharmed. I can't say what the other Squad Captains will order their people to do, but I sincerely hope you all will show as much restraint as you can while still remaining efficient in combat.
    One important caveat: No one is to harm the children of the Lustmorde family. I mean it; not a single hair on their heads. That's for their safety too but, primarily, for ours. I only met her for a moment, but Rioshi Lustmorde seems like the type of woman who would sink all of Bird Island to Davy Jones' locker if someone hurt her babies."

    "Jeez, anything else you want Boss? Maybe hand em' a bouquet of roses before the fight?" Rhinehardt groaned.

    Zerro half laughed, "Sorry, I know I'm asking a lot, especially since we can be damn sure they aren't going to be pulling any punches for us. But, before this war even started, We were given a choice. We could either stay and try to minimize the damage done to Bird Island and its people or we could have just ran away from this whole big mess. I guess I-"

    An alarm prompt suddenly appeared within the HUDs of everyone's helmets. Using facial gestures, Zerro quickly muted his before glancing at his clock. 01:00. The carrier aircraft were in position, 5,000 feet above Tengu; it was time to drop. Using more facial gestures, Zerro opened the comms way to everyone in the capsule.

    "Okay everybody, this is it: game time. Focus only on steadying your breathing on the way down and don't try to hold your breath or you'll get the Bends. When we're on the ground, get out of this thing immediately and find some solid cover. Rally-"

    A large, metallic sound reverberated through the impact gel inside the capsule as its secondary latch mechanism was released, leaving the primary as the only thing keeping it attached to the large, hovering aircraft that had hefted up this far.

    "Rally with Team Eagle and Team Ostrich at the base of Tengu Castle as planned, no matter happens."

    "Anything else Boss?" Rhinehardt yelled as a second alarm went off in everyone's helmet, accompanied by a ten-second countdown.

    "Above all else, stay alive and get the job done. The rest of our people are counting on us to get that barrier down so the main assault can begin. Good luck!"

    As the last words left his lips, there was sudden a feeling of weightlessness as the capsule was released from the aircraft and began the long fall down towards Tengu.
The Hypothetical War: Part 3- Side A
The next chapter in my non-canon series for :icondafter-story:. A little filler before the action.
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